Upcoming Events

Dear boxers, this is a list of opcoming events, please let us know if you are intersted in coming by sending us an email via this address: bestuur.pugilice@gmail.com !


Paintball (2 December)

Yes, it’s true! We are going to do some paintballing! The second of December we are going to ‘Binn’npret’ , an indoor facility located at Ulgersmaweg 52 in Groningen. The costs will be €15,- and you will receive 50 balls. We might want to go for a second round, another 50 balls will be €5,50. When u are interested, please send us an e-mail as soon as possible! We forsee a lot of fun so we hope you all to come. Anyone who wants to volunteer in the Bunny-suit..?


Borrel (7 December)
The last borrel with our dear weightlifters, poledancers and kickboxers was a great succes, and however we are still waiting for a comfirmation, we already announce the next borrel. We hope to see you all the seventh of December at 21.30 in party café ‘De Doos’ for a drink.. or two..!


December Dinner (9 December)
We thought it would be fun to organize some sort of ‘Christmas Dinner’, but of course it’s always busy around the Christmas days so we are turning it into a December Dinner. When you are participating, we will devide you in small groups in which you are going to make one ‘course’ of a three course menu and there will be a drink afterwards. Location and time will be announced later but let us know if you are interested as soon as possible. This might be THE opportinity to amaze your fellow boxers with your cooking talents!
Kiss-week (15 December)
During the Kiss-week, organized by the Aclo, several sporting activities are highlighted for students who are not (yet) a member of the Aclo. For us, this will mean that there will not be a regular training on Tuesday. There will be a different training with a combination of several fighing sports instead. For members it’s not required to enscribe, so feel free to join this special training! Time will be announced later. During the rest of the week there will be other, not-boxing related activities. More information about these activities can be found on the Aclo site.
That’s it for now, please stay tuned for more news and activities! And don’t forget to become a member of our Facebook group on https://www.facebook.com/groups/171315296549006/
Kind regards,
Michael Keuning
Public Relations

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