The Wait Continues…

As everyone else we are eager to go back to normal, and to restart the thing that we as members of this association have in common; Boxing! Unfortunately, as the lockdown has been extended to the second of March, it seems unlikely that we can go to training anytime soon…

We know, it really sucks. Yet we know we do this for our health and the health of everyone around us, so we hope you all stay safe!

In the meantime, we  can promise two things:

First of all, we will organise more game nights for our members, so we can still keep in contact and have some fun as well. If you haven’t been to the first one, well it is your miss (So keep an eye on the WhatsApp group, we will announce it soon when we have the second game night!).

Secondly, the moment we can train again, in whatever form or shape, we will let you know immediately! We will do our uttermost best to create both safe as fun trainings, with keeping in mind the possible health measures (as we did in November).

FOR NOT MEMBERS: Follow us on Instagram @GSBV Pugilice so you get any updates about training as well. Moreover, please don’t hesitate to send a mail to when all is fine and safe (or send a dm to @GSBV Pugilice). We’re happy to give anybody and anyone a try-out!

TO EVERYONE: hope to see you at trainings as soon as possible!